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Хосе М. Херроу Арагон


Прочие гностические чтения

By Nimrod de Rosario

This is the first of the books whose study is essential if you desire to awake and transmute. Under the appearance of a novel, this book is a detailed report in which are all the answers to the essential problematic of each man. This book contains all. The false god and the True God. The two worlds, the false and ephemeral world and the true world. The creation of the matter and Universe. The creation of man. History of the humanity since origin until today. The antagonism between the immortal soul and the Eternal Spirit. The war between demons of the immortal soul and the gods of the eternal spirit. The enslavement of the spirits of Satan Jehova and Lucifer's struggle to liberate us. And at last, the extraordinary possibility that each man has to unchain his spirit and transform himself in a superman of terrible powers.

By Nimrod de Rosario

Eighty nine fragments from the novel “The Mystery of Belicena Villca” and forty five fragments from “Fundamentals of the Hyperborean Wisdom” have been selected to be read and studied by aspirants.

These 134 fragments are an optimum synthesis of the gnosis that Nimrod de Rosario had the mission to bring to this world.

These fragments are also an introduction to Nimrod de Rosario’s books. Once the aspirants read and re-read them, they could continue with the novel and with the first volumes of the Fundamentals.

The study of Nimrod de Rosario’s texts must be carried out thoroughly, taking into account that every word and every phrase is extremely important.

Nimrod de Rosario taught us that by reading and re-reading his writings, the awakening and the transmutation of aspirants will take place.

By Nimrod de Rosario

In the name of the Tyrodal Knights and his own, the author offers a comrade salute, it means, a signal of honor, to those who have been Chosen in two worlds to receive the Fundamentals of the Hyperborean Wisdom. To those who have this book on their hands, and have received from ours, nothing else than say welcome and wish you luck in the first test: its lecture and comprehension. From the success of this test will depend the next steps: the Hyperborean Initiation, the not temporal nor spacial transit but strategic to the selbst, towards the terrestrial Hyperborea, to Thule, to Agartha, the Valhalla, Venus, the Origin, the Original Hyperborea, out of the demential created material Universe by The One, towards the eternity of the Spirit, near to the Unknowable God and Kristos Lucifer, the Great Chief of the Hyperborean Spirits Race.

By Felix Aleman

Luis Felipe Moyano (1946-1996), better known as Nimrod de Rosario, was an Argentinian writer who deeply and extensively studied comparative religions, spirituality and mythology throughout history; developing a Gnostic Cosmology known as Hyperborean Wisdom. He is the author of “El Misterio de Belicena Villca”, a mystic- historical novel, and of the two volumes treatise “Fundamentos de la Sabiduría Hiperbórea”, a complex study including many scientific details, dealing often with Physics and time-space correlations...



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