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By Felix Aleman (published in

Luis Felipe Moyano (1946-1996), better known as Nimrod de Rosario, was an Argentinian writer who deeply and extensively studied comparative religions, spirituality and mythology throughout history; developing a Gnostic Cosmology known as Hyperborean Wisdom. He is the author of “El Misterio de Belicena Villca”, a mystic- historical novel, and of the two volumes treatise “Fundamentos de la Sabiduría Hiperbórea”, a complex study including many scientific details, dealing often with Physics and time-space correlations.

He also was the founder of the esoteric secret society OCTRA (Orden de Caballeros Tirodal de la República Argentina – "Tirodal Order of Knights of the Argentinian Republic", being “Tirodal” a contraction of the names of the two runes “Tyr” and “Odal”), and did correspond with well known Chilean writer Miguel Serrano (1917-2009). It is said by some of Nimrod´s followers that Serrano took many of his Gnostic and esoteric concepts from Nimrod´s writings without quoting him, being this the case particularly in Serrano´s most important spiritual book;“Manú, por el Hombre que vendrá” (“Manu, for the Man to come”, 1991), a synthesis of his former ones dealing with esoteric subjects.

Nimrod´s  worldview is dualistic and has many similarities with traditional Gnostic currents such as Manichaeism, Catharism and Neo-Platonism. He firmly believed in the existence of Atlantis, the lost continent from which two different races migrated westwards after the Cataclysm, extending two radically opposed doctrines: One, the followers of the “liberator Gods” of Agharta (the “loyal Siddhas”- in Spanish“Siddhas leales”) , erected the menhirs, and cromlechs in Ancient times, in order to communicate with them, and mastered the arts of the “Cold Stone” (the myth of the Grail as a stone –as described among others by Otto Rahn - is related to this, by the way); and the others, called “golens” (sic) by Nimrod, were part of the “White Fraternity” (“La Fraternidad Blanca”), and worshipped another group of Gods, the so-called “treacherous Siddhas” (“Siddhas traidores”) - this are the famous Anunnaki of the Sumerian mythology, popularized by Zecharia Sitchin and others in recent times.

According to Nimrod in his novel “El Misterio de Belicena Villca”, history of humankind is a constant struggle between two very polarized sides: The followers of the path of spiritual liberation, oriented to Agharta; and the lackeys of the “White Fraternity”, the “golems”; oriented toChang-Shamballah; being Agharta and Shamballah not physical places (as some authors and searchers have suggested, particularly during the XIX Century), but two archetypical bases (of the divine and the demonic powers) located in other dimension.

Both, “Agharta” and “Shamballah”, are absolutely different and diametrically opposed concepts, even if many misinformed persons think they are analogous (Exactly the same dichotomy happens with “Lucifer” and “Satan”; and with “spirit” and “soul”; as we shall see later). The symbolic-metaphysical concept of Agharta is equivalent, for instance, to the Walhalla of the Nordics, or to the Airyanem Vaejah of Persian Zoroastrians.

To describe this metaphysical and eternal war (reflected also in the epic Mahabharata; Koravas vs. Pandavas), we can mention, for instance: On one side the Ancient ideologues, the Aryan warriors (kshatriyas), conquerors and civilizers (some Egyptian Pharaohs like Akhenaton, many Greek philosophers, the Spartans, the creators of India´s chaste system, the builders of the Roman or Persian Empires or later the Goths) where adherents of the “loyal Siddhas” in Antiquity; while the Phoenicians, Cartagenese or Hebrews among others, which practised a mercantilist utilitarian system of commerce, where the most important was materialistic profit; where their ideological, spiritual and political antagonists, and followed the “shamballian” “White Fraternity” lead by the “golens”, which had the (very long term) goal of imposing one day a world-government controlled by a small number of plutocratic “chosen ones”: the “Synarchy”.

The “shamballian” materialistic mentality of talmudic-pharisaic Judaism and its (western) appendix Judaeo-Christianity (from the Synagogue and the Vatican to its modern tools Freemasonry, Liberalism and Marxism, US-Imperialism and Zionism) were, according to Nimrod, the main obstacles to the Spiritual Struggle of many individuals and movements across history, like the ones of Temujin (Genghis Khan) and Frederic Hohenstaufen in the XIII Century, the Ghibellines and in a smaller scale sects like the Cathars, and in more recent times, Eurasian hero Baron Ungern Sternberg (1885-1921).

Nimrod mentions as well the opposition between the “priests” and the “warriors”; and between the “cult” (or "culture") and the “wisdom”.

What does this “spiritual struggle” means in more concrete terms? The struggle against what or who? To examine this, we must succinctly mention the genesis of our Universe and of Humankind according to Nimrod (and his Gnostic predecessors); and also talking a closer look to Plato´s myth of the cave and it´s interpretation.

Our material Universe, planet Earth and what it contains, were created by an entity called the Demiurge; which wants to be worshipped as the only and absolute God. But this being is not perfect and divine, it´s a plagiarist, a deceiver and a cruel despotic pseudo-“god”, who wants to be served and adored, who sees the Humans as his slaves and who enjoys blood sacrifices in his honour. The true God (the same that Pharaoh Akhenaton called Aton, the Sun-Disk; to which also Savitri Devi refers) is much superior and perfect (Nimrod names Him “El Incognoscible”, “the one who can not be known”); and this is not the “god of this world”; but of an ethereal heavily kingdom, which is completely free of space-time boundaries and which perfection is not possible to conceive (not even by the Ancients, and of course even less by modern rationalistic man), it´s the Kingdom of the Spirit, Hyperborea, (which the Demiurge used as a model to create the material corruptible world we know) and it can only be somehow perceived by very few ones (in the Kali Yuga always less and less are able, because time is an enemy of Spiritual liberation), in a mystical nostalgia that Nimrod calls “El Recuerdo del Origen” (“The Remembrance of the Origin”).

(This "Remembrance of the Origin" is strongly related symbolically to the Minnesingen of medieval times; where the trobadour idolized and idealized his unreacheble lady - That´s also known as "Platonic love", more about Plato later).

What Origin? The Demiurge wanted to create a superior being more intelligent than the other animals and that will be therefore able to organize and put order into his creation (“ser postores de sentido”, - "able to give a sense" in Nimrod´s words). But he failed many times to do this, because of his own imperfections. So, he developed a treacherous stratagem to bring to Earth (to his dense, material creation) the spirits of the perfect ones, the Gods or siddhas, from the heavily kingdom, and enchain them to the hominid animalistic creatures (that were the most perfect beings he was able to create by himself), so this creatures could finally evolve to put order in his creation and worship him. So, the “Origin” is the “heavily kingdom”, "Hyperborea", the spiritual divine nature in the human being, what makes us different from beasts. This myth is also present in some (in recent times very popularized) theories like the one that states that Humans are a product of genetic manipulation of the Anunnakis, of the extraterrestrials and so on. We see, therefore, that “Spirit” is something different than “Soul” (as we saw before with “Agharta and Shamballah”); soul is “anima” in Latin: soul is what animals have to be able to live, and what the demiurgic bestial hominid had. But with only a soul, the hominid (called pasú) was not able to form complex societies (and obviously not civilizations), only little animalistic communities; he could not organize the creation and worship his “master”. So, the Demiurge had to “steal” the spirit from the divine ethereal planes and “enchain” it into his imperfect, corruptible world.

He did this by bringing the immortal “siddhas” to procreate with the hominid female. Some of this siddhas, "the treacherous ones", made a covenant with the Demiurge to help him to enslave the humans. Others, "the loyal siddhas" (loyal to the "Origin"), prefered to side with the Humans, and help them to find spiritual liberation. This believe is also present in most mythologies of the Ancient world (and even in the Bible; with the nephilim): the Gods who procreate with Humans, giving birth to hybrids refered to as the “Viryas”: "Demigods", “Titans”, “Giants” or “Heroes”. (Hercules, for the Greeks, for instance). Also, it is interesting to point out the analogy with anthropology: The Neanderthal can be viewed as the demiurgic hominid, while the Cromagnon is the modern Human (the mix between Neanderthal and an “unknown” “lost” race). There is no “missing link” between them.

So, we have both, an animalistic perishable soul, and a divine eternal spirit (two different things).

Dualism emerged with the enchainment of the (divine) Spirit in the (demiurgic) Matter.

According to Nimrod´s writings, there are these three kind of men, depending on their degree of spirituality and wisdom: the pasú(“hominid”), the virya (“hero”), and the siddha (“divine”). Most of us are viryas “in potence”, and there are two kind of “virya”; the sleeping one (“virya dormido”) and the awaken one (“virya despierto”). The awaken one is searching for “el Retorno al Orígen”; the sleeping one (most of them) does not even know about this “Orígen”. The siddhas (very few ones, and with the progress of the Kali Yuga always less and less) have already found this “retorno al Origen”; if they come back to our world, to help humankind in the spiritual struggle for liberation, they come as an avatara (what Buddhists call a boddhisattva, and what in Tibet is known as a tulku).

In the West, Judaeo-Christianity’s vision for the afterlife is obviously materialistic and contractual: If you follow the orders  of “God” (the Demiurge) you will be rewarded and go to “Heaven”; if you do not, you will be punished with “Hell”… (The Gnostics, by the way, believe that this material world is “hell” already). But most of the organized religions and schools of thought from the East, are followers of the“White Fraternity of Chang Shamballah”, and are therefore demiurgic as well. They look for Samadhi or pantheistic fusion (and disolution) with the creation-creator, with the “Cosmos”, in its meditations or ritual exercises (this has being extremely widespread in the West "thanks" to this grotesque parody of spirituality known as "new age"). But the followers of Agharta, the spiritual strugglers, want to experience the opposite,Kaivalya, which means complete separation (and independence) from the “demonic and corrupted” creation and subsequently, the “Retorno al Orígen”. Searchers for the Kaivalya (the complete liberation from “the matrix”) in this ending tract of the Kali Yuga, are only very few and closed esoteric societies or individuals; like the kaulikas of India, a tantric sect that follows the vama-marga or left-hand-path (described by Evola and others); or the former members of Nimrod´s dissolved OCTRA. So, with “Kaivalya vs. Samadhi”, we see again another dichotomy like the already mentioned in “Agharta vs. Shamballah” or “Spirit vs. Soul”.

In regard to “Lucifer” and “Satan”, this too are completely opposed concepts that many people tend to see as synonyms and use to interchange as if they were the same. The archetype “Lucifer” (or Prometheus) is viewed in Gnosticism as a liberator who helps the virya in his “Return to the Origin”; and in the esoteric Kristianism described by Nimrod, Serrano, and others, “Kristos-Lucifer” is an envoy from the “the One that can not be known”, an avatara, who helps the viryas in their rebellion against the tyranny of the Demiurge-Satan, the enslaver of the Spirit in this material world of madness. Because in reality, according to the Gnostics, this despotic, cruel, and bloodthirsty “god” is actually the one who is Satan; and not Lucifer – being this distortion a prototypical example of the rule of deception in cultural establishment. The Demiurge (“the one and only”) has many names: Jehova-Yahwe-Enlil-Moloch-Brahma… One of them is also Saturn (cognate of Sat-an), the cannibalistic god who devours his children, and is also known as Chronos (the Time). Because, like in this mythological allegory, this world is ruled by an alimentary chain: every living being eats other living beings… And the humans are not the last ones in this chain, we may be at the top of the visible and material “pyramidal” system, but our subtle vital energies are also “devoured” (through a bloody violent death – with ritual murders, massacres, etc; or even during our lifetime: through illness, pain, anxiety, fear, all kinds of sufferings, etc…); they serve to feed a demonic entity (the parasitic Demiurge needs this in order to survive himself, because he is a vampire). The Old Testament is full in examples of bloody sacrifices and ritual murders in order to please "god".

And this Creation (which is enchained to time and space) devours itself over and over again in a cyclical process, in what the Hindus called the yugas, kalpas and manvantaras. One cycle of Creation is, according to Hinduism, one "respiration of Brahma" (here we see again the Demiurge). After the exhalation of Brahma there is the period of the Great Dissolution (the mahapralaya) and afterwards, everything starts again from the beginning (with a new inhalation of Brahma). The goal of the awaken virya is to escape this cycle; to reach “the Origin”, which is beyond time and space, and therefore beyond death.

Among this very typical and common conceptual distortions, made by organized religions, by the cultural establishment, the sinarchy and the new age, we also have to mention the issue of the Templers. Many mislead ones have nowadays a wrong perception on this medieval society, that has been "romanticized" by modern books and films. But, as Nimrod extensively documented in “Belicena Villca”, the Templars were not heroic knights unfairly oppressed and supressed by the Catholic Church; but a very sinister network of synarchic agents, controlled by the “golen”, who worked in order to establish (through the Vatican of which the Templars where the armed wing) a “New World Order” already in medieval times, and were actually very close to their objective. Their conspiracy to achieve “world government” could only be defeated thanks to a surprise hit on them (from within of the power structure) fruit of the alliance of the then King of France, Phillip IV the Fair (who was a Ghibelline, which has had many conflicts with former Pope Boniface VII) and the Pope of this times, an ally of him, Clement V, who Nimrod claims was an initiate in the ancient doctrines of “Hyperborean Wisdom”. So, the Templers were an evil society; they were the predecessors of current banking cartels and of modern freemasonic globalist lodges. The bloody sacrifices and degenerated perversions they were accused of are still being ritualistically committed today by their successors, the high-ranking freemasons at the top of financial and political power.

Plato´s allegory of the cave can be easily analyzed and interpreted according to the already exposed Gnostic worldview. It tells the story of some enchained men in the depth of a cave; all what they see are the shadows of some figures what their guardians are carrying. One day, one of the prisoners manages to escape of the cave, reaches the outside and at the beginning, is blended by the Sun. Then, he sees many marvellous things, impossible for him to imagine before, and finally understands the truth about his former captivity (he did not even knew he was a prisoner). After some time, he returns to the cave to visit his still imprisoned comrades, talks to them about the fabulous outside world he has just discovered, tells them that this figures they see reflected in the wall are not real, but just shadows, illusions (maya), and explains the reality of their imprisonment. As it was to expect, they do no believe him, and they think he is absolutely crazy.The cave is this material world (the “matrix”), the prisoners are the slept viryas, the guardians are the servants of the Demiurge (the sinarchy); and the shadows projected in the wall are the illusions, the lies that the “prisoners” (the masses) dogmatically believe in. The one who escapes the cave to the outside (to the “Origin”), far from the "all seeing eye" becames a siddha, and returns to the cave to "bring the Light" and the message of Truth (as an avatara) but the other prisoners (which represent the masses) do not believe him.

We have seen the Gnostic dichotomies elucidated by Nimrod and his predecessors and how the Synarchy (in order to achieve world government and total enslavement) is always trying to deceive and confuse us.

This cosmic dualism ("Agharta vs Shamballah", etc) can also be extrapolated in our tangible world; in Geopolitics. As seen above, there are, since the beginning of civilization, two complete opposed worldviews: The tellurocratic (power of the firm earth), and the thalassocratic one (power of the see).

Tellurocratic geopolitics, developed among others by Karl Haushofer (1869-1946), stand for self-sufficiency (autarchy) and for the integration (not the fusion!) of big spaces in autonomous continental blocks. The theory of Eurasianism is obviously a tellurocratic one; and also the one that proposed Argentinian leader Juan Domingo Perón in his days for Latinamerica, or Gamal Abdel Nasser for the Arab world. Historically, we can mention as examples the Empire of Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, or more recently the Central Empires of Europe (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and also Czarist Russia) annihillated after WWI. Tellurocracy is therefore a multipolar cosmovision, because it claims that the world should be organized in different blocks of political, social and economic power; according to the different idiocyncracy of the peoples. Because all peoples are different; they have different ethnicities, different mentalities, different religions. And they all have the right to preserve this differences, to conserve their heritage.

Thalassocracy, on the other hand, stands for commerce, business, mercantilism and import-export instead of self-sufficiency. This is very susceptible to degenerate from honest commerce into greediness, rough materialism, and mammonism. And in modern times (with international banking) this has lead to the creation of money out of nothing, to usury and exploitation, encouraging parasitism (Usury is vampirical - and therefore demiurgic! - it sucks the blood and the wealth of the nations). Current process of globalization is clearly a thalassocratic one. The final goal of this ideology geopolitically represented by thalassocracy (a very long term one), for which the Sinarchy has been secretly (and today even openly!) working during many centuries, is to establish a "One World Government"; the so-called "New World Order". The ideologues of the NWO preach that we are all "equal" (to suppress the differences that enrich us, and to be able to manipulate us better), and have invented the so-called "democracy" and "human rights". And in the name of this "human rights", and in the name of "freedom", they constantly wage wars against precisely this nations (oh, coincidence!) that want to preserve their political, cultural and economical autonomy, that do not want to give up their sovereignty and do not surrender to the architects of the dystopic orwellian nightmare called "globalization". This mammonistic process that started already with the Phoenicians and the Cartaginese (merchants and pirates) in Antiquity, used also British and French imperialism and colonialism as a vehicle; and today is obviously represented by USA´s unipolar role and international Zionism.

Therefore, we can see that there is an obvious parallelism between the globalist idea of "One world government" and the demiurgic one of "One and only god". (This is the “god” in whom the dollar note “trusts”) The architects and ideologues of the NWO (the Sinarchy; that is, the worshippers of the Demiurge) constantly tell us that there is no other possible way of government than the "democratic", "western" one. This is the only that can bring us "freedom" and sicure our "human rights". It may have some defects, they recognize sometimes, but it´s definitely the best one, if not the only one, and sooner or later all the remaining "dictatorships" (that is, the countries that still resist the globalist process) will fall, and a world republic (a dream of Marxists as well as liberals; communism and capitalism being two sides of the same “coin” -  money is internationalist) will be established. What they "forget" to tell us, however, is who will rule this "global paradise" and how. It will be a worldwide tyranny by a plutocratic "elite", where a very small number of people would have absolute power and the rest of us would be slaves... many without even knowing it (like the prisoners in Plato´s cave), because most of the controlled-enslaved ones will believe they live "in democracy"... living actually in the "hell on earth".

This has been and is, as mentioned above, a very long-term process (that accelerates and intensifies with the advance of the Kali Yuga). It is like the famous tale of the cooked frog. If you put her in a pan with boiling water, she will immediately jump out and save herself, but if you put her in the pan when the water is just lukewarm and you gradually increase the heat, she will be slowly cooked before she notices, and explode. Exactly the same has happened to us; they have brainwashed us little by little with the deceptive and subversive dogmas of the modern world. We have been educated to be slaves inside of the demiurgic matrix, and most modern people (particularly westerners) are even "happy slaves".

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